Products Decentralized framework for data monetization

Stoa Decentralized Data Exchange Platform

Stoa is a distributed platform that allows users to buy and sell any data in a secure and decentralized way. The whole process is anonymous and does not require any KYC. You need just start a node to become a buyer or seller within the System. Any user can exchange any type of data (documents, pictures, videos, etc). Data Exchange serves as a decentralized cross horizontal hub for big data (Health Care, Finance, Public, Research, Retail, Marketing) and connects data providers from any industry to the data consumers.

The word Stoa means covered walkway or portico for public use in ancient Greek architecture. It was designed to create a safe environment for ancient merchants to sell their goods and artists to display their artwork. Stoicism – the philosophy of personal ethics and an informed, mindful system of logic – was named after Stoa.

Community’s trust in Stoa comes from the fact that it requires no trust at all. System itself cannot access the data due to encryption protocols. All transactions are fully transparent and governed by logic defined in the smart contract. Stoa is fully open-source and decentralized. Anyone has access to the entire source code at any time and can verify exactly how it works. Thus one can say that prom token is like Bitcoin for data.

Ignite Decentralized Microblogging Service

Ignite is a decentralized social network, which allows everyone to share her/his mind freely via texts and media files. All the posts are distributed through Ethereum blockchain and stored immutable in distributed Data Storage. This storage is able to store necessary data and media for a period of 10-100 years. It is based on Bit Torrent File System, so Ignite could not be blocked by any form of barrier or firewall.

Our mission is to create a free flow of information online. It is a way to communicate globally that supports individual liberty of everyone without any form of censorship. Due to its decentralized nature Ignite will not be governed by anyone and cannot be controlled by authorities.