Individuals Buy and sell any data you need: for both personal and commercial use

Prometeus helps people to buy and sell any files they need: it bridges the gap between a digital product and it’s customer.

No borders
No limits
No fees
No censorship
100% secure

Are you a creator?

Prometeus helps creators do more of what they love. Sell your music directly to your fans. Sell your videos directly to your viewers. Sell your books directly to your readers. Sell whatever can be saved to the file.

Sick and tired of trading your personal data behind your back?

We realized that it is unfair for people to trade their personal data behind their backs without rewarding them. That's why we developed a data trading solution, which helps people to monetize their own data.

Want to buy some exclusive stuff?

You’re in the right place! Here the creators sell their products directly to their audience. Nobody stands between them. Here is no censorship or any limitations. Here you can find unique things you find nowhere else.

Want to support us and earn money?

Deploy our nodes and help us to spread our message! Together we can make a great difference and change the game concerning the global data exchange industry. We believe that it can be achieved only through building mutually advantageous Prometeus ecosystem.

How this whole thing works?

We have created an advanced (but easy to use) decentralized solution based on blockchain and BitTorrent File System (BTFS). BTFS is the first scalable decentralized storage system that became our partner and now we use it to store your data immutable in the most secure and decentralized way. Our solution - Prometeus Data Exchange platform - allows users to buy and sell the data for special PROM tokens.

We named it Stoa: this word means covered walkway or portico for public use in ancient Greek architecture. It was designed to create safe, enveloping, protective atmospheres where ancient merchants could sell their goods and artists could display their artwork. Such a great thing as stoicism (the philosophy of personal ethics and an informed, mindful system of logic) is named for the Stoa.

Stoa is governed by no one and is 100% community driven. It consists of different independent nodes. You can register on any of the existing nodes or create and run your own node. Please read relevant sections of the Frequently asked questions page (FAQ) for further information about the Stoa and it’s features.

Ignite: what it is for

Сensorship free data exchange platform is a great service... But it’s users need to discuss data trading deals somewhere in a secure and anonymous way. And while we have been trying to provide more freedom to users, mainstream social networks have been limiting their freedom! It was a global pain that should be addressed and that is how the idea of a decentralized social network came out. It should be a way to communicate globally that supports individual liberty of everyone without any form of censorship.

Sign Up in Ignite

Note: Now we are at the stage of private beta testing. You’ll need to sign up with your email address to get the further registration instructions. However, you could have a quick tour of Ignite without auth - just browsing, without posting. Later you’ll be able to sign up without specifying any email.

How to get started with Stoa?

1. Deploy a Data Mart Node

It’s not hard to become a Data Mart in Stoa. Buy any data you can need anonymously in the most secure way ever: for both personal and commercial use.

Have got a community, like your own Telegram Channel? Start making money on it right now: you will earn on any purchase that your Data Mart Node’s users will make.

Deploy a Data Mart Node

You can also create your own shop to sell any of our data to whomever you want outside Stoa: it does not require upfront financial outlay. Please note that you can actually purchase any data within the Prometeus ecosystem after you found the buyer for it.

2. Deploy a Data Validator Node

Anybody can start to sell the data with Stoa. If you have a lot of files you need to deploy and run a Data Validator Node: use our API to build your own data factory.

Have got data from your friends, customers or community? Data Validator Node includes a well-designed mechanism of honest and transparent distribution of the money for that data.

Deploy a Data Validator Node

Please note that nobody (any node or user within the Prometeus ecosystem, including Prometeus team) can lay his hands on your data without purchasing it. That feature is provided by our asymmetric encryption engine.

3. Deploy a Service Node

You can deploy and run a Service Node, that is the intermediate layer between Data Validators and Data Marts and the backbone of the whole Prometeus ecosystem, as it was mentioned before. We really appreciate the early adopters, which will help us to maintain and grow the Prometeus Network.

Deploy a Service Node

Please contact us to gain the early adopters benefits that will be granted lifetime for the first hundred of our Service Nodes’ owners.

Note: Through a partnership between the Ankr (The Blockchain Cloud Infrastructure for Web 3.0, which makes deploying any blockchain node easy, accessible and affordable), we soon will be able to provide our users with a new node deployment procedure. It’s extremely simple: it takes 10 minutes with just a few clicks and does not require any coding or deep tech skills. Please stay tuned for updates!

4. Sign Up to a testing platform

We would appreciate it if you could take part in final private tests of the Stoa on our testing platform. That will help us to bring our users better UX/UI and fix some bugs. For that, you must submit the form below:

You’d like to Buy / Sell digital products with Stoa
Please specify your role (You can select several options)
Got any questions? Write to us on telegram or email