Business Buy and sell large datasets, specially tailored for your business purposes

Prometeus provides a service that helps enterprises to buy and sell any data they need to leverage their business potential.

Any type
Any amount
No borders
No limits
100% secure

Easy to start

Ready to get started? Nearly no time and effort required. Does not require significant investments. Just run your own node and try.

No data is too big or too small!

Want to purchase a single data point? Need to sell a super-sized dataset? We can help you with both! Prometeus data exchange service fits everyone equally well.

Want to buy some exclusive stuff?

You’re in the right place! Here the creators sell their products directly to their audience. Nobody stands between them. Here is no censorship or any limitations. Here you can find unique things you find nowhere else.

A unique trade opportunity

Our mission is to provide a cross-industry market place with unique unique data you find nowhere else.

Secure and transparent

No KYC. No 3rd party involved. Smart contract based purchase mechanism guarantees that the sold data can be accessed only after the payment.

How does this whole thing work?

We have created a global decentralized service that allows enterprises to trade their data worldwide. You just need to run a node in order to buy, sell or explore large amounts of different info at the same place. Our engine is based on blockchain and BitTorrent File System (BTFS). BTFS is the first scalable decentralized storage system that became our partner and now we use it to store your data immutable in the most secure and decentralized way.

Purchase transactions on our platform are maintained with special PROM tokens. Business logic if Prometeus Data Exchange service is based on smart contracts.

We named the service Stoa: this word means covered walkway or portico for public use in ancient Greek architecture. It was designed to create safe, enveloping, protective atmospheres where ancient merchants could sell their goods and artists could display their artwork. .

Stoa is governed by no one and is 100% community driven. It consists of different independent nodes. Please read relevant sections of the Frequently asked questions page (FAQ) for further information about the Stoa and it’s features.

Ignite: what it is for

Сensorship free data exchange platform requires a censorship free communication platform. So we created a place, where you can discuss data trading deals in a secure and anonymous way. It is a decentralized social network we call Ignite. Use Ignite to promote your data goods, or request some special tailor made data.

Ignite does not require KYC as authentication is done through blockchain. And as Ignite design does not allow anyone to be blocked by internal or external parties, including government authorities.

Ignite is a decentralized microblogging service, which allows to express any opinion via text and media file. All the info is distributed through blockchain and stored immutable in BTFS.

Sign Up in Ignite

Note: Now we are at the stage of private beta testing. You’ll need to sign up with your email address to get the further registration instructions. However, you could have a quick tour of Ignite without auth - just browsing, without posting. Later you’ll be able to sign up without specifying any email.

How to start selling data with Stoa?

1. Specify your data description

Please thoroughly prepare a detailed description of your data. It will help to attract potential buyers to maximize your sales. Please explore this testing manual that will give you a better idea how your data will look from the buyers side.

2. Create Data Owners

If necessary, create the accounts of the original owners of the data you’d like to sell (if any). They will get their personal PROM wallets and all proceeds from selling their data will be shared between you and them on the rate determined in the smart contract.

3. Run a node

In order to start selling the data you need to run a Data Validator node. That will allow you:

  • upload Data Owners files with their metadata;
  • browse uploaded Data Owners files list;
  • browse the sales transactions list.
Deploy a Data Validator Node

4. Start making a profit

All proceeds are accumulated in your wallet instanstantely after each transaction. You can withdraw profit in PROM tokens anytime.

Note: Nobody (including Prometeus team) can access your data without purchasing it. That feature is provided by our asymmetric encryption engine.

5. Sign Up to a testing platform

We would appreciate it if you could take part in final private tests of the Stoa on our testing platform. That will help us to bring our users better UX/UI and fix some bugs. For that, you must submit the form below:

How to start buying data with Stoa?

1. Run a node

To explore and purchase any data in Stoa you need to run your own data Mart Node. Create your own shop to sell any of our data to whomever you want.

Deploy a Data Mart Node

2. Browse / search / explore metadata

Please get a closer look on possibilities of the data browsing tools in our Data Mart UI or request a demo of API features for server side integration with your database or CRM.

3. Start purchasing a data

Buy any available data for your business purposes or in the interests of your clients. Please request for special terms for wholesale data buyers and Data Management Platforms.

Note: Through a partnership between the Ankr (The Blockchain Cloud Infrastructure for Web 3.0, which makes deploying any blockchain node easy, accessible and affordable), we soon will be able to provide our users with a new node deployment procedure.

Got any questions? Write to us on telegram or email