Prometeus Network Secure and private data exchange and freedom of expression for anybody

Secure and private data exchange and freedom of expression for anybody

How We Got Here

We are Prometeus Labs: people who come from a variety of fields and industries, united under one idea of decentralized and censorship-free communication between people.

Our team is a bunch of high skilled professionals with a huge background in all aspects of blockchain and cryptography, AI, big data, adtech and data brokerage. With such expertise, we discovered a sad and freaky situation with personal data and freedom of speech that we have now all around the world.

We realized that it is unfair for people to trade their personal data behind their backs without rewarding them. That's why we developed a data trading solution, which helps people to monetize their own data. That is how the initial idea of Prometeus came out.

Our Mission is to use the public blockchain technologies to establish a decentralized and censorship-resistant framework to help people to express themselves and exchange/share data across any borders and limitations

What We Do

Prometeus ecosystems is a secure and decentralized framework that allows fully trustless and anonymous data storage and exchange.

The initial approach of Prometeus is a marketplace for data trading. Prometeus data exchange platform called Stoa allows people to get rewarded by selling their personal data or the fruits of their labor saved as files. For instance, it allows artists to get rewards from their followers, for selling them original music, videos, pictures and so on. It serves as a decentralized cross horizontal hub for big data (Health Care, Finance, Public, Research, Retail, Marketing) and connects data providers from any industry to the data consumers.

One day we discovered that our community lacks the environment where they can discuss data trading deals in a secure and anonymous way. In the meantime, we have been implementing and developing infrastructure that provides more freedom to people through the public blockchain, mainstream social networks and messaging services have been limiting the freedom of communications.

That is how we started our second product called Ignite: decentralized and firewall resistant microblogging service supplies censorship-resistant space for people to express themselves, even if their opinion goes against mainstream views. It is community-driven - without any centralized governance.

Where We Are Headed

Here, at Prometeus Labs, we believe that only the Freedom of Information Exchange (including Freedom of Speech) can drive the whole world forward. Nobody but the person itself can decide how to manage the personal data. Even unpopular opinions deserved to be heard.

Our mission is to create a free flow of information online. It is a way to communicate globally that supports individual liberty of everyone without any form of censorship. Due to their decentralized nature Prometeus products will not be governed by anyone and could not be blocked by any form of barrier or firewall.

We hope that our products will be a step of long stairs for mankind's evolution on its way to a free and independent digital society.

Q2 2020
Q3 2020
Q4 2020
Q1 2021
Q2 2021
Decentralized Microblogging (DM) service MVP with repost, comment, share features
A public beta of DM service with a search function, trends, spam filters and featuring users
Release of Prometeus network protocol for public usage (mainnet on Ethereum)
Upload, share, access, sell and buy data features in Stoa
Distributed Data Storage (DDS) based on BTFS (TRON Soter)
Prometeus network node hosting on ANKR
Integration and support of SIA DDS
SIA - PROM internal token economics integration
Integration with SIA Content Delivery Network (CDN) - Skynet for DM service
ANKR - PROM internal token economics integration
Oracle services integration in Stoa
DM economy update: sponsorships, noncommercial monetization to cover additional development costs
Final fillscale release of Stoa
Public release of DM private chat function
Integration and support of Filecoin DDS
Prometeus protocol integration and support of Binance Chain
Prometeus protocol live streaming service implementation
Increase the functionality of data buyers and data sellers (ability to change data, limit the number of data sales, limit data buyers) in Stoa
Prometeus protocol integration and support of Cosmos
Prometeus protocol integration and support of Telegram Open Network(TON)
Integration and support of Arweave DDS
Arweave-PROM internal token economics integration
Prometeus Protocol “Instagram” Implementation
Hash Timer Locked Contract implementation
Direct Fiat services integration
Integration and support of Avalanche in Prometeus protocol
Integration and support of EOS in Prometeus protocol
Integration and support Polkadot in Prometeus protocol
Lambda & Storj DDS integration + token swap