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Prometeus Network fuels people-owned data markets, introducing new ways to interact with data and profit from it. We use a peer-to-peer approach to operate beyond any border or jurisdiction.

Our mission is to return a control over the data back to its owners and grant a freedom of expression to anybody.

Prometeus Network is open-source and public. It is free to join and use and no one owns or controls it.

Our blockchain-based infrastructure is designed to communicate worldwide and free, without any censorship. It allows to buy and sell any data in a secure and decentralized way.

How does it work

Users provide their data and get a percentage on sales when the data is purchased.

Data Owners

These nodes are a data gateway, which aggregate and validate all the incoming data.

Data Validator

These nodes are an intermediate layer, which distribute money and organize data storage and retrieval.

Service nodes

These nodes are a *data showcase, which allow customers to browse and discover the data.

Data Mart

Final buyers purchase the data, which are source of incoming funds in the ecosystem.

Data Сustomers


Any type of data
The system allows to buy and sell any kinds of docs, pictures, videos, music, 3D models, statistics, analytics, source codes or whatever you can think up
Smart contracts based business logic distributes all the value across the network sustainably and transparently. All the transactional info is immutably stored on a public blockchain.
Privacy and Security
No KYC or any personal identification required. All the data is encrypted while uploading to our robust and secure distributed data storage. No one can access the data without purchasing it.
Censorship resistance
Due to its nature, no data in Prometeus Network can be censored: any censorship is impossible by design. Reputation manage-ment runs by our self-regulating community.

Getting started

Share and earn value from your data, your creativity, and your intellectual achievements. Discover and buy any data you need.
Buy and sell large datasets tailored exactly for your business purposes in a secure and anonymous way.
Contribute Prometeus ecosystem, creating the products that will improve its functionality and help you to earn.
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